Cadz releases his dynamic debut single, “Entertaining You”

Rising artist Cadz, originally from Columbia, currently residing in Miami, Florida, is premiering new music. He just released his first-ever single, “Entertaining You,” which is about being in a toxic relationship, whether platonic or romantic, and that moment of clarity when you realize you don’t have to “play their game.” 

The song features a poppy trap beat, mixing Miami’s reggaeton feels with a splash of hip-hop. Cadz is sure to surprise and stun with his unique style of rapping and sound overall. The little under three-minute song is sure to sound flawless as it blends pop, reggaeton, and trap music, making his individualistic sound, which he describes as a blend between “Bad Bunny and Lizzo.” 

Cadz’s latest song “Entertaining You” is very sentimental, introspective, and powerful. If this is what audiences can expect from Cadz going forward, it is evident he will succeed in their expectations. Cadz music is cathartic, and he prides himself on that and the individualistic aspects of his sound and subject matter. Cadz feels like music is bonding, to relate to, and that is what he wants his audience to do, relate and be themselves. He wants his audience to be like him, strong and be able to push back and call toxic behavior out when it happens, as he does in his new song, “Entertaining You.” 

“‘Entertaining You’ is about being in a toxic relationship, either with friends or a significant other, and you start to realize that you have the power to do something about it so you start playing their game,” Cadz said. “You do to them what they have been doing to you, and they’re not liking it at all, so it’s kind of like giving them a taste of their own medicine. But the entire time you know you’re the baddest bitch in the building and that’s what makes it fun, cause you know you’re worth so much more and you enjoy playing the game.”

The song definitely gets the message across and shows audiences that he’s not coming to play.

“I feel like the main thing is that we gotta stop trying to be like someone else and embrace the fact that we are all unique, and that is the best part of ourselves,” Cadz said. “We have flaws, but that is what makes us us. We have to be confident and unapologetic and strong because the world is meant to break you down, so we gotta push back.” 

Cadz wants people to listen to his music to be “confident and unapologetic” in their manners. He believes that in life, people tend to “play” a lot of “games,” whether that be romantic or platonic, and it’s time we stop that cycle, and that is what Cadz does in his latest track. 

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Check out Cadz’s latest song, “Entertaining You,” below!

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