Let me educate you on Bleave. Bleaves music is subtle, but has a ton of substance. His beat selection has RZA energy, but his voice floats on every single track. For 90’s babies like me, I grew up listening to legends like Termanology, Statik Selectah & Alchemist. Frankly he belongs in a studio with all of them. When I asked him about his biggest influences he said “J Cole, Fabulous, Lil Wayne and Dave East.” Lyrically speaking, these are all some of the goats for various reasons. His music is a very artistic and honest reflection of self. He is true to his word in real life and in his music. His introspection & message may go over some people’s heads but for those that know, BleaveTheImpact is cold. His song, “What God Fears” starts off:

“Sometimes I wonder what God Fears,

I sit in the dark lights,

my days are like dog years,

losing sleep cause of long nights,

I barely been alright, critiquing

my flaws might be the reason I’m seeing myself living this hard life.”

This Haverhill, MA has the perfect name online @BleaveTheImpact. How? He makes an impact on everyone’s lives around him. He has pull all over the city. When people in town find out I know about him people’s face light up with a smile. His reach through word of mouth is insane. Those that know, know. Bleave’s manager Santo from TRDTNrecords said managing an artist as unique as Bleave is “a challenge but it’s worth it. Bleave is an artist who knows what he wants to do and how he wants to do it… [Bleave] is hard working, passionate and determined.” He continued by saying “he’s always focused on the positive- NEVER negative.”

We at Loading Magazine know, if Bleave continues leading with his heart, and continues to have the quality over quantity mindset, he could be one of the greats someday. Check out his new video for “Dreamless Nights.Shot by @Shoot_The_Eye.


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