NWMN Drops A New Single Featuring Vory, “Figures”

NWMN is back with another hit single “Figures” from his up and coming album “Lust Issues”. The LA based artist teams up with Meek Mill and frequent Kanye collaborator Vory along with Internet Money’s own Paryo for this two-piece single. The tracks consist of “Woah” and the “Figures Interlude (ft. Vory)”. The beat twists in a darker more ominous tone, really fleshing out the depressive shifts one feels in the entanglements of love. The album consists around the ideology of heartbreak and perseverance really voiced in lines “Always get the same results from you, who am I to blame”. The interlude follows a dark aftermath in NWMN’s life as he discovers a girls true intentions with the relationship shortly after a fallout minutes before a flight to Miami. Having another peek into the project we can’t wait to see what NWMN has in store for all of us, check out “Figures” streaming now in the links down below.

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