LAKE! Might Just Be Your New Favorite Artist With “Dead Roses”

Out of Los Angeles, California emerges an insanely talented 18 year-old vocalist/producer/engineer LAKE! – his debut drop “Dead Roses” is easily one of our favorites from this week.

LAKE! is seated at a unique position with a much-coveted hot start to his music career. He’s already accumulated over 100k followers on Instagram, and is demonstrating similarly eye-catching numbers on other platforms. While the song on its own is already impressive enough, the video managed to perfectly match the energy (and quality) of the music. Done by Jake The Shooter, it comes to us as no surprise that the video is gas- you might be familiar with some of his other work, like “One Whole Day” with Dixie D’amelio and Wiz Khalifa, or “Who At The Door” by 18Veno (Rest In Peace).

LAKE! and Jake The Shooter demonstrated a chemistry and energy that stood out to us amongst the already-impressive catalog that Jake has amassed… that’s truly saying something. After writing about all of these impressive dimensions of the release, it’s hard to imagine that this is only the FIRST RELEASE from LA’s LAKE!. Oh, and by the way, he co-produced the track with Jack Fisher. Just another noteworthy detail that gives us a glimpse of the 18 year-old’s remarkable ability. Take a look at this young talent ready for the limelight in the link below.


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