Authentic8401 is in my top 3 most slept on artists in Massachusetts. His tape “Handsome Devil” that dropped 3/26 will definitely wake folks up.

Lyrically speaking, Authentic8401 is super refreshing, considering rap’s current climate. He definitely gives me flashes of The Game early in his career. Remember when he was working with 50? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then what are you even doing here. Shoutout to @JakkDenny for mixing the entire project.

He instantly hits you with bars with track 1 Indiana Jones:

“Im a problem child,


tommy how i keep a tool”

What separates Authentic from other MA rappers is his diversity amongst his songs. His flow and sound are familiar throughout, but his beat selection is different. Some tracks like GTA he spazzes over trap beats, and other songs such as Gotham & ACDC are more slow, and cinematic. 

It was great to see a Feature from the homie 33 Static (#FR33STATIC) on the song GTA. Also featured on the tape was Capo Foreign & LucianothePope.

Run up his most recent Instagram post to get him to drop the video for EVERYBODY EATS ft LucianothePope. Shot by @DopeBoyshots_.


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