Ozzyoz Da Vyrus Is Not Your Average Painter

Ozzyoz Da Vyrus is an unconventional New York-based digital artist who should be on your radar by now. Ozzyoz has been contracted by world-famous artists like Gucci ManeMigos, Birdman and many more household names. On top of the work he’s been contracted for, he’s also had his art purchased by legendary acts like Chris Brown and Trippie Redd for their own personal collections.

His latest collection, LSD (Liquidity Sexy & Dreams), is a perfect blend of anime, digital-era pop-culture symbols, money and dreams. It’s proven to be a hit, especially amongst the creative community within fine art and music. Ozzyoz Da Vyrus has proven time and time again that he’s a magnetic creative force. The level of imagination and ingenuity in his work speaks for itself.

Not only has he mastered digital art, Ozzyoz Da Vyrus has mastered the application of his digital creations, from merch to much more. He even offers custom computer parts featuring his anime-influenced designs, which you can order through a company called Portilux. Ozzyoz’ illustrious interpretations of anime characters along with other iconic pop images have made him the artist he is today. It’s also scored him over 100,000 followers on Instagram

When asked about his future with NFTs, he’d said that Cardi B would be the perfect artist to collaborate with, and for good reason. As if her talent and status aren’t enough reason for an Ozzyoz NFT collab, it turns out the two go way back. Ozzyoz was one of her early supporters and did cover art for her at the early stages of her career. Organic collaborations always top forced ones, and with the history they have, a Cardi x Ozzyoz NFT would be unforgettable.

If you’re not already sold on why you should get hip to Ozzyoz Da Vyrus, maybe this will:

This is his anime-clad Corvette, which he calls the “Annivette“, and is just a glance at the creative prowess that Ozzyoz has. His avidly supportive community is head over heels for his art, and is growing by the day. Today’s the perfect day to join the movement that the New Yorker has created, so be sure to get hip below.


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