Zuri Gold isn’t just a rapper. This Denver, Colorado artist is a machine. At only 20 years old he’s already building a legacy for himself. I asked him what gets him out of bed in the morning & Zuri Gold said:

“Everyday is an opportunity to go harder, but also an opportunity to look back and be proud of how far you’ve come.”

Zuri Gold’s music is hyper. His voice screams like an electric guitar. His beat selection is dreamy. Sonically, he reminds me of a laid back Travis Scott. He is definitely on the rise and soon he’ll be considered one of the big dogs in Denver, like Trev Rich & TheyCallHimAP. When I asked him about his influences he spoke about how important the OG Soundcloud era was. Artists like Ski Mask, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty etc all inspired Zuri Gold to be who he is today. 

On top of making his own music, he has also started his own blog GoldIslandMusic where he promotes artists from all over Denver. He also works with artists that fall under the same genre as him. What I like most about Zuri Gold is he doesn’t wait for opportunities to come to him. He creates opportunities for himself and everyone around him. 

 His song and video Sum 2 prove slapped so hard I thought I was hosting the oscars. Some other favorites of Loading Magazine’s are “Now </3, ”*Need Her”, & “Lose.” Listen to these tracks and tell us which ones your rocking with in the comments.


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