If there’s anything that Dave Amigo’s new mixtape proves is that Dave is a lover AND a fighter. East Coast Luv is a 4 song EP that runs just under 10 minutes. It amazes me how Dave Amigo can turn up a crowd in such little time. He does this during shows, and in the studio. Pound for pound he is the most lit rapper out right now. 

Dave Amigo brings his usual high energy into these tracks but these songs are different. There’s a new emotion in there, something raw. You can feel Dave’s pain in songs like 7 months. I definitely get the chills listening to the song East Coast Luv, it reminds me so much of Juice Wrld

I was blown away when we heard Cashcashe producer tag on track 4: “Kanye.” Cashcashe is one of Loading Magazine’s favorite producers right now. He has a crazy track record working with some of the hottest rappers in the south right now, including Tony Shhnow & 10kDunkin. It was incredible to see someone so high energy like Dave Amigo work with Cashcache whose known for his relaxing energy. 

I’m giving East Coast Luv 4.75 out of 5 stars. The only thing lacking is length. When East Coast Luv was over I just wanted more and more Dave.

Luckily for us Dave Amigo has several projects on the way including his next tape “All $tar” so stay tuned to his Instagram and Twitter for more updates. 


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