Studiocult’s, Yuliya Veligurskaya Takes Jewelry And Accessories To Another Level With Her Designs

Studiocult ring pictured above.

Reigning from Brooklyn, Yuliya Veligurskaya is the mastermind behind one of the most anticipated brands of our era, Studiocult. Yuliya began her creative journey in the world of architecture. After years of working in a more structured, corporate environment, her passion enveloped other forms of design and it wasn’t long until she wanted something more for herself.

Shortly after quitting her job, she started what would now be a revolutionary brand across all of social media, Studiocult. Her idea and vision envelopes the beauty in the ordinary, a hint of nostalgia here, a fleeting memory there and all of these pieces she creates inspire awe and practically sell out upon release. The tagline “inspired by crumbs of shared memories” embellish the forefront idea for Studiocult and the niche they operate in.

In hopes to push boundaries, founder Yuliya Veligurskaya has teamed up with Canadian concept artist Gab Bois to bring her “Still Frame Shades” project to life. Together with careful work in designing and manufacturing the glasses resembling film strip negatives is now ready and will be available February 25th on Studiocult’s website.

Check out more of their products and what’s up next in the links down below!



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