Iceman D.B.H. Reveals Video To “Henny No Chaser”

New York based emcee Iceman D.B.H. puts a creative twist on drill music with his latest single “Henny No Chaser” produced by the GRAMMY nominated Dizzy Banko. Hype and full of punch lines, Iceman’s latest single is full of good energy along with capitalizing on multiple co-signs from New York radio station Hot 97. The […]

PanamaDaPrince, Teams Up With Jay-Z Owned  Cognac D’ussé and Sharks Pool Club For Billiards Event Series

Musician, creative director, and CEO of ALPHA lifestyle brand, PanamaDaPrince, collaborates with the distinguished Jay-Z owned  cognac D’ussé and Sharks Pool Club. Panama and the CEO of Sharks Pool Club, Jessica Resler, commenced the “Swim With Sharks. Dance With Wolves.” billiards event series in the spring of 2022. Equally, both CEO’s conceptualized to merge New York City’s influencers and creative elites. The concept […]

New Artist You Should Tune In With: DaJohn

The young phenom known as, DaJohn, is the physical embodiment of versatility.  The combination of growing up a military brat & being consistently exposed to different cultures, genres, & sounds all influenced his artistry before he even knew what being an artist was. His first song and first performance were both at the age of […]

C.Pitt & His Rise To Success In The Music Industry & Twitter/Instagram: @cpittofficial  C.Pitt, a multi talented hip hop lyricist hailing from North Carolina. Being a pioneer of discovering his own musical ascendance C.Pitt strives to create his own lane. Throughout the duration of his ten year career C.Pitt quickly unearthed a talent for remaining relevant. Elevating in his brand he was requested to […]

Supermodel & Musician TrayJudo Releasing New Music This Fall

TrayJudo, a famed model and multi-faceted content creator acquired his notoriety through his appearance in the hit single “Walk” by musician and influencer Saucy Santana. Aspiring to continually elevate his career in his pursuit of fashion Try utilized the opportunity to wear his own personal collection from his forthcoming clothing line in the viral video. […]

Dacks Finess Defines Hustle With “On My Grind”

Dacks Finess was a name given by his obsession with purchasing Dax hair grease from local Brooklyn beauty supply stores. He added the word Finess to describe his charismatic demeanor and rapport within his community. Finess was into music, dance, and poetry and was an honor roll student from a strict Caribbean household. Straight from […]