Cartier WOW’s ‘Carti’ is a Cincinnati Hustler’s Anthem

Cartier WOW’s latest single, “Carti,” produced by Tofito Beats of Ukraine, dives headfirst into Cincinnati’s vibrant Cartier scene. Inspired by the allure of the “BIG C’s” and the hustle culture they represent, “Carti” is a bold declaration of success and ambition. With its infectious beats and clever lyrics, the track captures the energy of the […]

Gnoir: Redefining Sound with “Vibe & Ride”

At the age of seventeen, Gnoir embarked on a musical journey that would lead him to redefine the very essence of sound. Born with an innate passion for music, he relocated to Atlanta, a city pulsating with diverse musical influences. Little did he know that this move would shape his artistic identity forever. Immersing himself […]

The Isaiah Zach Interview

This past week, I had the pleasure of conversing with Isaiah Zach, an incredible artist and friend, as he gears up to release his fourth single, “Creed.” In our discussion, Zach shares insights into his creative process, the inspiration behind his new song, and his experiences within Nashville’s vibrant music scene. From delving into his […]

An Interview With: KFitz

Get ready to dive into the mind of a rising star in the Philadelphia hip-hop scene. Meet KFitz, a West Chester native whose unique blend of vulnerability and raw talent is making waves in the rap world. From his introspective lyrics to his fearless approach to storytelling, KFitz‘s music offers listeners a glimpse into his […]

The Mike McLaughlin Interview

I recently had an insightful conversation with a close friend and longtime collaborator on the Grooverelly page and blog. Mike McLaughlin, an online content creator since 2014, is making waves at One37pm while simultaneously establishing his own management and marketing ventures. A dedicated supporter of emerging talent, our interview with Mike is packed with valuable […]