DN-The Musician Drops New Electrifying Album, “The Messages”

Reigning from Delhi, India comes DN-The Musician, comes with his album titled The Messages, an album composed of various tracks each with its own message. Throughout the album you’ll hear tracks like “Back In The Day” and “Peace” with varying tastes and topics like past lovers and governmental oppression. With varying styles and beats DN manages to rock the mic and tell us a story on each track.

DN gathers inspirations from the likes of Sik World, and Jaytekz, his talents are taking him to different horizons. The album produced by Max House Music Production hits hard on the many winding tracks with DN’s flow gliding right over them, all tracks were produced by Max House with the exception of “Farmer Protest” which was produced by Harm Sandhu.

When discussing his next moves for the future, DN wants to drop some visuals to accompany his tracks, specifically “Secret Love” which was already shot last week. We hope to hear more and see more from DN The Musician, go ahead and check out the links to “The Messages” down below.

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