Exclusive Interview With Ty Fontaine

If you aren’t familiar with L.A. collective Internet Money, you’ve heard of their production. The CEO Taz Taylor has accumulated artists to build an empire with 10k projects. The collective has some of hip-hop’s biggest records in the past years, from Rich the Kid’s “Plug Walk” and Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” to Drake’s “Blue Tint”. A new artist by the name of TyFontaine has overtaken the artist spotlight over at Internet Money. I had a chance to talk to Ty and set up a phone call interview thanks to his manager Coby Cohen. Check out the interview below and let us know what you think!

Photo by: Joseph Morrison!

Where are you from?

P.G. County, Washington, D.C

What is the difference between having your own place and living in the internet money house?

Here I have my own little space… I can chill and take a nap. Over there it was 3 studios and a constant work environment. It was fun, but constant work.

What video games are you into at the moment?

I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA and Rainbow Six Siege.

Any upcoming festivals/shows?

I have a couple of shows that I can’t say too much about. Because of the Quarantine situation, the dates are uncertain. However, they have reached out and it will be happening soon whenever it gets set up. It will be happening.

How is the talent in Washington, D.C.?

The DMV is known for its own sound. The talent there has its own local buzz with its own fan base and it’s hard to break out of that. Then there are people like me that are not worried about being accepted and you have your own little internet followers, but not a real local fan base.

Investing in yourself?

Youtube livestream was an initial way of getting my fan base and I was on all the live streams from

Patrick.cc, No Jumper, Cufboys, and Internet Money.

How do you feel about an artist signing vs staying independent?

Every artist is different. If you have a solid community supporting you, you might not need the big label. However, a big label is a machine that will be able to give you the global push if that is what you are after.

How does signing with Taz Taylor benefit you more than every other label?

When he is not making music himself, he is helping every artist/producer. He is an all around type of guy that tries to do everything for his team. Even if he has spare time, you can find him searching for new artists.

What other artists have you collaborated with?

Producer wise outside of Internet money I have worked with Jetsonmade. I got to work with artists outside of internet money also like Coi leray, Lil Keed, and Yung Bans.

Is there anyone you want to work with on a bigger platform?

The biggest artist I would like to work with is Robin Thicke.

After this past release, what other projects do you have coming up?

Definitely more projects. I’m trying to get like four mixtapes this year.

Will you ever sign an artist yourself?

Yeah definitely. Just not at the time and not right now. I am trying to get myself set up but it is something I definitely want to do. I am definitely trying to be a CEO when all this is said and done.

Any advice for upcoming artists?

Don’t listen to nobody man. Just go with your gut, go with your heart, just keep working. And the biggest thing is to be consistent.

Would like to thank Ty and Coby for the opportunity! Ty also dropped a new music video for “Straight Like That”, from his latest album “1800”. Watch it now below!

Written By: Alfonso Vela!

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