Exclusive Interview With: D Savage

Scrolling through old music, I ended up back at D Savage’s debut project D Phoenix, which was released in October of 2018 almost 2 years ago. It really does not seem like that long ago, but the way music is released today it does feel long ago. From that project to present-day, his career has been full of many ups and downs. He’s released a handful of music, and has gained many fans and their respect along the way. We can say, he is to the point where he has completely overshadowed that rookie status in the game. D Savage has done enough work to solidify himself amongst not only the new school, but the older generation of rappers as well. Even with everything that is going on in the world right now, I had a conversation with D Savage and asked him how he was handling the quarantine.

How’s quarantine?

It’s going pretty good, I don’t know if you can hear it in the background I’m cooking up this god damn steak!

Do you miss festivals/shows?

To be honest I don’t really do too many festivals so I don’t really miss out on that aspect, but I do miss doing my own shows.

How’s the music coming along?

The music is coming along really good, I’m probably going to drop an album fairly soon. I don’t want to give out a date because people are going to hold me to that goddamn date, but fairly soon I’m piecing the puzzles together. Like you said though, I am a perfectionist, but I just am trying to take my time on shit, you know.

Everybody says you’re the king of snippets, how do you feel about that?

Haha yeah fo sho I just can’t hold it, if I make a brand new song I want to see what the people are talking about.

“Trust No One” the album took time, would you say it was worth the wait?

The love and the feedback I got from Trust No One was better than D Phoenix and I feel like I know why so I just need to keep giving people what they want which is new music and new vibes to listen to.

Features on the next project?

Oh oh oh the next project that’s going to be a little different, I have people on there… it’s going to be different.

Directing your own music videos?

I like directing it, but now I’m starting to get into editing. Now I want to start editing my own shit because it’s easy to direct… you’re just pointing fingers I just want to start editing.

D Savage x Lil Tecca?

Me and Lil Tecca got a couple songs together, but I know he’s busy, but we definitely have some shit.

Do you try and stay away from people’s comments online?

No No I’m listening, I’m reading all the comments. There are a lot of artists that don’t care and some do care, but it’s just I care to hear what fans have to think and even if they’re not a fan if they are a hater I want to know why they hate.

Who have you been listening to?

I’ve been listening to Juice Wrld, Trippie Redd, Kash Paige, and Sam Cooke.

Anyone on a bigger platform you want to work with?

If it makes sense and I have to be a fan of their music. I wouldn’t just work with anyone. I’d have to be a fan of the music first, like I’m a fan of Roddy Rich and Young Thug so I’d probably go that route of mainstream.

Real people vs fake people in the industry?

I feel like in this industry you kind of got to be fake, being so real at first I was expecting so much loyalty from certain people that were never coming through, but that’s just life really. I’m obviously real and I’m always going to be real, but now I know how to play certain situations.

Do you see yourself owning a record label?

I got one called D Savage Enterprise, I don’t have any artist signed, but in the future you never know. Right now I’m not really focused on that, right now I’m focused on getting myself to a certain level where if I do want to sign somebody, I can give them the world and all the resources that they would need, definitely in the future.

In 2016 your interview with XXL they asked if you had any standout records or moments to date, you said “I don’t think I have a standout moment yet. I haven’t even had a music video yet. I really don’t have much. I’m thinking I’m still ain’t shit.” How do you feel now?

I still feel like that because I’m not on the billboard and I’m not doing all these festivals so I need to work. I have got to stop playing. I have certain shit in the palm of my hand and I wasn’t using my resources to the best of my ability, but now I feel like I’m tuned in. I definitely struggle to find motivation bro, but sometimes you have to sit back and realize you know what I got this far, fuck that!

If you were back in high school right now what would you tell yourself then?

That’s a good question, I would probably tell myself don’t get into trouble. I wouldn’t tell myself to stay in school, because I know me and fuck that so I’d just tell myself stop getting into trouble and just rap and not to focus on rappers only rap.

While many believe the younger generation of rappers to be unresponsive, unexpressive, and closed in, D Savage was extremely descriptive in regards to everything going on in his life and his career right now. With the direction his career has been heading lately, there’s no doubt in my mind that he has every right to be hungry. The world may be at a standstill, but D Savage and his manager Cauthen Vaughn believe that work never stops, and they are always appropriately calculating the next move, and the move after that. I want to thank Cauthen Vaughn for making this conversation possible, check out his newest music video below!

Interview by: Alfonso Vela

D Savage – MIA


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