Guwop Reign’s Mainstream Sounding Album “ME FIRST”

Guwop Reign recently released his album “ME FIRST.” This album has that it-factor that should make it go mainstream. Guwop gave his fans a beyond believably great album that features a showcase of his vocal confidence, textbook mainstream-sounding beats, and an all in all 10/10 experience. Guwop Reign presents a great question with this album: […]

Killomerta is Showing Great Promise

Killomerta is an artist out of Broward County, Florida, showing great promise in the underground. As many may know, Broward County is home to some of the 2016-17 SoundCloud era legends, and it is now cultivating a new age underground artist that is sure to shine. He has a couple of singles and one self-titled […]

“#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” by Brickbanshrty is a Blueprint

Black Kray/Sickboirari might have pioneered the goth-plugg wave, but brickbanshrty is taking the torch and sprinting with it. “#BLOOD#OF#ALICE” is what every artist interested in this kind of music should try to recreate. He executes every song perfectly and puts on one of the best performances of the underground in recent history. As the title […]