Brickbanshrty’s Ascends with “#HEAVENS##GATE”

A couple of months ago, Brickbanshrty unveiled his captivating track, “#HEAVENS##GATE,” a musical journey that will transport listeners to ethereal realms. In this song, Brick masterfully navigates slow-paced plugg drums and melodies that defy expectations while showcasing his distinctive and unmatched vocal style. “#HEAVENS##GATE” distinguishes itself with a longer-than-usual introduction, which sets the stage for […]

7ettrows Artist, Trill K is on the Rise

“The Wooh Tape” Trill K is an artist out of South Carolina, starting to make a name for himself. He’s been making music for the past three years and recently dropped his mixtape, “The Wooh Tape.” He has features from fellow 7ettrows artist Nuudini, but Trill K shines even brighter on his solo tracks. On […]

Get to Know 009fly

009fly is an upcoming Boston, MA, producer with much to prove. He works in multiple media forms, such as music, digital design, video, consulting, and so much more. But he’s more than just a producer; he’s also a businessman. He’s a businessman with a vision for his future, and the only way he’s looking is […]

Brickbanshrty’s “BLOOD & DIRT*”

Brickbanshrty is the next artist out of Atlanta with one of the most unique styles. A prime example of his unique style is a song he released four months ago titled “BLOOD & DIRT*.” Brick develops his aesthetic, flow, vocal range, and so much more on this authentic track. “BLOOD & DIRT*” has accumulated over […]

Nuudini Releases “Nuu 2 You!”

Nuudini hails from Columbia, SC, and has a fresh sound for all to hear. “Nuu 2 You!,” his latest project, is criminally underrated and deserves the takeoff it has received since its release. To put it into perspective, Nuudini’s previous album, “Seein Red,” has a song called “Jack n Jill.” It is the most popular […]

Style’s & SSGKobe’s Underplayed Song

Style released his song “Moshpit!” alongside SSGKobe on November 5, 2023. The song is Style’s second-most-played song on Spotify, with over 15,000 plays. SSGKobe and Style are dynamic duos because his most played song is “halo!” which is his most recent release and also has an SSGKobe feature. He may have a minor name, but […]


James Amaker II released his album “HEARTBREAK CIITY” in late December 2022. Instead of copying everyone else underground, Amaker decided to show his true abilities. Also, he took a concept album approach for his latest project. Amaker guides the listener through the album by immersing them in a talk-show-like scene. In the opening song, he […]