Going Viral In 2022: Paris Kinsey Establishes His Influence Through TikTok

TikTok has seen its rise of new creators making waves in the last few years, 1 of those creators being Paris Kinsey, otherwise known as “brotherofcolor” or “Dark Luigi”. He got his start in late 2019 and grew steadily. The video that changed everything for him was when he made a bet with his little sister […]

Meet New Hip-Hop Musician Anirudh Walia Who Keeps Impressing His Fans

There are a few artists around the music realm who have struck the right chord with the listeners by creating some extraordinary and unique pieces of music which have never failed to impress. Their work has been noticed and appreciated by a wide audience, which has proved their mettle as true music artists. These amazing […]

Shalev Haziza Shares New Details For His Video “Left in”

Shalev Haziza’s story is proof of the power in relentless drive and unstoppable talent. Growing up in a New York public-housing project, the 20-year-old artist started rapping in early 2019 and discovered a prodigy-like ability that soon won him massive praise in his city and beyond. Along with earning recognition from heavyweights like French Montana, […]

The FXXCKING EXPLORERS Take Adventures To Another Level On Their YouTube Series

The FXXKING EXPLORERS are an adventurous pair who take on various adventures, from getting hitched in Vegas followed by a night in the casino to an orgy right after, sex pays right? On a trip off to Area 51 the couple sneak their way past multiple warning signs to secretly film followed by an armed […]

DJ Bander, Jun5 & Official Zeze Strike at #40 on iTunes Top 100 Hip Hop Chart

Starting off 2022 with a bang, the recent single, “All My Scars”, from the joined musical forces of DJ Bander, The Official Zeze, and Jun5 debuted at #40 on the iTunes Top 100 Hip Hop Charts. The single features percussion by Jun5, keys by The Official Zeze, and vocals by DJ Bander. This hit follows […]

Canadian Mogul Cody Kiks is Becoming A Star in The Fine Jewelry Industry

Assuming that you’re searching for the best quality custom fine jewelry, especially your Grillz,then it’s time for you to get the coldest ice in the country with Cody Kiks of the CanadianDiamond Boyz, and Gold Teeth Canada Famous as ‘Kiks’ on his Instagram account with over 50k followers, Cody Kiks has been makingstand-out custom Grillz […]

How Siilawy Is Quickly Turning Into a Household Name in The Music World

Meet Siilawy, an artist from Amman, Jordan, in the Middle East. Siilawy can be described as an artist walking over a thin line of human deep emotions, traveling between the shades of music and the shades of poetry to a level that makes him speak for every feeling a person can feel.  His unique ear for music […]

“Medicine” By Neena Brown Is Quickly Climbing The Pop Charts

Neena Brown has released her trippy new video for “Medicine,” featuring the electrifying lyricist & producer of the song, Billy Burnz. The track which is featured off their upcoming collaboration album is just one of the few smash hits to be released by the Canadian duo. The video displays an almost entirely dark theme. The “Medicine” video […]