West Palm Beach Rapper Brandon Lee Drops Stunning Visuals for “Young Lady”

Brandon Lee, the rising artist from West Palm Beach, Florida, has just released the music video for his latest single “Young Lady“. Shot by the talented @madmanvisions, the video is a stunning visual representation of the song’s lyrics. The video takes us on a journey through a vast field at sunset, as Brandon Lee delivers […]

“EDGE!”: Bezo’s Futuristic Music Video Takes Hip-Hop to New Heights with Intense Energy and Stunning Visuals

Los Angeles rapper Bezo has just dropped a new music video that is set to take the hip-hop world by storm. Directed by the talented WetVisuals, the video for “EDGE!” is a breathtaking masterpiece that showcases Bezo’s impressive skills as an artist, and is sure to catch the attention of industry professionals across the world. […]

Max Winds and East$ide Capo Spit Fire in ‘Off The Steps’: A Testimony to the Power of Pursuing One’s Dreams

Winnipeg’s own Max Winds has once again proven his lyrical prowess with the release of his latest music video “Off The Steps,” featuring fellow rapper East$ide Capo. The video, directed by Fortydiamonds and NSTY, depicts the two rappers in an office setting, surrounded by their team, as they spit bars about their aspirations and desire […]

Breaking Barriers with “333”: PETROS, the Eritrean Born Artist Bringing Indie Pop to the Forefront

PETROS, an emerging artist from Arlington, Virginia, has released his brand new music video “333,” which combines elements of indie pop and bedroom pop to create a unique sound that is captivating audiences worldwide. With over 18,000 views on YouTube since its release date, PETROS is quickly gaining recognition for his talent and originality. PETROS’ […]


James Amaker II released his album “HEARTBREAK CIITY” in late December 2022. Instead of copying everyone else underground, Amaker decided to show his true abilities. Also, he took a concept album approach for his latest project. Amaker guides the listener through the album by immersing them in a talk-show-like scene. In the opening song, he […]

Guys Don’t Lie, Only Girlz Do

Incase you aren’t familiar with the Harvard action research study “Girlz A Liar” published in December of 1997. Which provided indisputable evidence that females indeed do lie, and at an exceptionally higher rate than males. Honestly, that’s not true at all, us guys be telling little white lies here and there, but that’s it. One […]