4PlayJ Drops Highly Anticipated “Sorry 4 The Wait” Album: A Deep Dive

South Carolina’s rap scene has been buzzing with excitement lately, and the latest release from local artist 4PlayJ, titled “Sorry 4 The Wait,” is adding fuel to the fire. With a total of 13 tracks, this project offers listeners a captivating journey through the life and experiences of the talented rapper. Building anticipation for the […]

Izzy Strigel Returns with Infectious New Single – “Cash Bunny”

Izzy Strigel makes a triumphant return with her latest single, “Cash Bunny,” produced by the acclaimed Olmos. This track immediately captivates with its mesmerizing sample, complemented by Izzy’s smooth, infectious vocals. “Cash Bunny” exudes a nostalgic charm, delivering an upbeat love song that sets the perfect mood for late nights. Accompanied by a visually engaging […]

OnlyJahmez’s “Thug”: From YouTube Hit to MTV Darling

OnlyJahmez’s “Thug” is no longer just a song; it’s a cultural firestorm. This genre-bending anthem, with its raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics, has taken the internet by storm, and the official music video is only fueling the flames. A Visual Masterpiece Ignites YouTube: The “Thug” video is more than just a music video; it’s a […]

The Evolution of packserver – “4 Day Weekend” Out Now

In the ever-evolving landscape of music and artistry, some individuals stand out not only for their talent but also for their enigmatic personas and boundless creativity. One such artist is packserver, formerly known as goop, whose journey through sound and identity has captivated audiences worldwide. Originally recognized under the moniker goop, the artist’s sonic explorations […]

Mannydior Unveils Lavish Music Video for “WEALTH” from “Noia Vol. 1”

Mannydior, the Dayton, Ohio-based rapper, continues to make waves in the music industry with the release of the highly anticipated music video for “WEALTH,” a track from his latest project “Noia Vol. 1.” Directed by the visionary Keaton Jones, the video offers a visually stunning journey through opulence and extravagance, reflecting Mannydior‘s ascent to success. […]