Dee Smiff’s Newest Single ‘take back’ is Relatable on Every Level

Dee Smiff is a 24-year-old rising artist out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Starting his musical journey singing in the church choir as a child, Smiff started to form a deep love with the different aspects of music: poetry, storytelling, freedom, expression, and most importantly, the ability to bring forth emotion through resonating with the people. Understanding […]

Compton Rapper Sir Will Unleashes His Uptempo New Video For, “Moment of Truth”

Not typically known for its’ Hip-Hop scene, artists aren’t really flocking to Arizona normally in hopes of being discovered, though rising vocalist Sir Will is not your normal artist. Hailing from Compton, the energetic rapper recently moved to Phoenix, which for some would’ve resulted in a day job and a new career path, but instead for him […]

Get Familiar With New Jersey Vocalist Neilan Dolan & His Reflective New Video For, “How Many?”

In 2022, one of the fastest ways to separate yourself from other independent artists is by having a fully engaging music video. For many, this could mean by showcasing your acting chops, while for others, it could be drenching your image with trippy effects, helping to enhance your record. Hailing from New Jersey, rising rapper Neilan […]

Young Negrensé shines on expansive EP ‘Aphelion’

Canadian artist Young Negrensé has shared a new EP called Aphelion. Of Filipino-Canadian descent, he is a songwriter, producer, classical guitarist, visual artist, and co-founder of YUZZYNET. After gaining buzz from a squence of engaging self-produced releases, he is now releasing his latest offering Aphelion, executively produced by Tristan Renaud, which contains powerful, spacey sonics […]

Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes share new collaborative project ‘Evil Twin’

Texas artist Fatboyshaun and New York’s Ricky Mapes have linked for a new collaborative EP called Evil Twin. Across 7 tracks, the duo reunite for a small family reunion, showcasing chemistry that is unmatched to a level of perfection. What was once teased as a possible matchup on Shaun’s previous release has now been confirmed […]

Ramiro’s New Single ‘Not Here To Stay’ is the Confidence Booster You’ve Been Missing

Ramiro is an artist like no other. Having been influenced by music from an early age, there’s never been a doubt in his mind that music was his true calling. Having musical influences from a wide array of genres, Ramiro would listen to artists like Tupac, OutKast, Snoop Dogg, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Prince […]

That Feel Records Had an All-Star Weekend

That Feel Records is creating a self-thriving ecosystem. They have one of the most consistent release schedules and they’re nearing their 10,000 hours. With every project released, you can hear the members of That Feel Records not only perfecting their own craft individually but also forming genuine chemistry within the label that bleeds over into […]

283 Project “Yall Boys Hell 3” Is Taking Over The Soundcloud World

This project “Yall Boys Hell 3” is making big noise on Soundcloud. Their project is loaded with Soundcloud talent, from ATL Smook, Bear1Boss, and more. 283 is a dope duo out of Georgia that’s determined to land at the top. This 12-song project should hold down their fans for a while. It shows their wide […]