Vit6l collaborates with @IFStevie for “How It Used 2 Be” OUT NOW!

Directed by @IFstevie

Managing Vit6l comes with it’s challenges. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have enough hands, and it’s hard to keep up with someone whose drive to succeed is through the damn roof. Luckily for Vit6l he has been blessed with @IFstevie. 

I met Stevie when I came across his Instagram. Right away you can see the content he creates is on a whole other level quality wise. He’s no slouch when it comes to quantity either. This man stays working. He’s a veteran and a father, so he knows hard work more than anybody. 

 I called him up to show some love and get some info, ends up he lived 20 minutes away from Vit6l, in Titusville, FL. Once @Vit6l and @IFStevie met, it was over with. Seeing Stevie instantly collaborate & coordinate with whatever Vit6l needed was amazing to see in real time. 

We decided to take a trip to McKee Botanical Gardens. It was there I saw Stevie’s eyes light up. First we explored the whole park. There were a few challenges that we had to overcome that day, but Stevie crushed it. Despite an animatronic dinosaur exhibit, and all the crowds that came along with it, Stevie wasn’t bothered at all.

IFstevie was interacting with every part of the park, utilizing all his surroundings without bothering the crowds, or getting them on film. The video for Vit6l’s new song “How it used 2 be” was done with the quickness, so they decided F*ck it, let’s do one more. 

When it came to filming for Vit6l’s song “How it used 2 be” Stevie made it look easy, and had a quick turnaround time. I got it back in a week. I gave Stevie a call to see what the filming process is like from the videographers perspective.

Dave: What are some of the equipment you like to use? What kind of cameras?

IFStevie: I feel like you bring more depth to a video with different cameras and set ups. I mainly use a Sony A7iii, Sony handy cam, & gopro fusion.

Dave: What was it like working with Vit6l? & What songs did you guys film for?

IFStevie: Vital is one of the homies. Plus I always take time to at least plan out some shots I want for the video, so it’s just that much easier when you cool with the person and you made a plan. 

Dave: How do you balance your work life and your home life?

IFStevie: My wife is definitely the one who helps keep me keep balanced. It’s easy to get lost in these projects sometimes. Besides, having someone to help raise the Jit is nice. It’s good to have someone to not be an artist with. 

Dave: How do you catch inspiration during a shoot?

IFStevie: The song is what I mainly draw from. As for shot ideas it’s just what ever I happen to see, you just gotta be lookin for it.

Dave: What do you have coming up in the next few months?

IFStevie: Me and vital have two videos on the way one for “Thank you,” and “How it Used To Be.” I also just did a few projects with Kidway…I also have a video with LoveKajinn dropping soon. 

@IFStevie is an absolute professional and if it were up to Vit6l we’d have him on payroll. Check out Vit6l’s new video for “How it used 2 be” and book @ifstevie today, his prices are on his instagram.


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