“Stephen A. I got my Smith with me”… Miles Bridges & Terry Rozier Drop New Single “ESPN”

Bruh! I have been saying RTB MB (Miles Bridges) is the best rapper in the NBA for a minute now. Championingthat new age Detroit flow, this week Miles Bridges teams up with fellow NBA player Terry Rozier for new single “ESPN.” Once this video gets into the hands of the NBA commissioner Adam Silver, I […]

New Music: Doeboi909 – ‘Trap Babies 2’ EP

Doeboi909 describes his latest album, Trap Babies 2, as a “compilation of successful rappers that real-life trap like myself.” The project features a wide range of features from the previously mentioned Frostydasnowmann, trouble kidd, and Swifty Blue, mad north, ralfy the plug, LIL SHOW, Trucarr, KiiNG KHASH, and Jose Guapo, Doeboi909 enlists some hitters to […]

The GVRMNT Go Federal On Debut Instrumental Tape

Finally, a group of artists is utilizing the insurrection events at the U.S. Capitol building for something creative — what better crew than The GVRMNT. The four-member group whose core nucleus includes rising Detroit-based producer Mia Jay C, New Jersey sound curator Mohantra, Canadian talent Saj and Alabama-bred beatsmith Cees, nail the sound profile of […]

Atlanta’s CrashGoCrazy Shares Debut Project “Before I Crash Out”

With Atlanta continuing to reign supreme in the rap/hip-hop scene, enter CrashGoCrazy who is fresh off the release of his debut album titled “Before I Crash Out.” Spanning only 8 tracks in length, Crash provides a little bit of everything from club bangers to trap-anthems. From top to bottom the project flows effortlessly with out […]

Toronto Artist Viibez On A Vibe Releases Debut Album “Universatile”

Following the success of his music video for “Perfect Timing” which was released only 4 days ago, Toronto born rapper Viibez On A Vibe slides through with his debut album titled Universatile. While majority of the city is sticking to the same old routine, Viibez is switching it up with his ability to transition between […]

Nights in the Kuntry, Carolina’s Soundtrack by Lo’ Kuntry

Lo’ Kuntry has been one of the most consistent artists in the Carolinas dropping 3 albums, an EP, 9 videos, and even directing a few videos for other artists. Nights in the Kuntry, a 6 track project, Lo’ Kuntry aptly names each track after locations in the Low Country. “Certain vibes you can’t get in […]


Derez De’Shon, “the Godfather of Pain Rap”, has just shared his newest video single “Residue” featuring East Atlanta’s own Money Mu. The track shows Derez delivering the gritty and sharp sounds that he’s utilized his whole career, with Money Mu’s feature only adding to that aesthetic. The video is filled with callbacks to the classic film “New Jack City”, with […]


The talented collective of bars-focused rappers from Brockton, Massachusetts, Van Buren Records, has released a new video for “JUMPSTREET”, a key track off their new EP, Black Wall Street. The high-energy and animated track is only enhanced by these captivating visuals, with the video capturing the allure of “JUMPSTREET” perfectly. The video is an exciting exhibition of the diverse artistry […]


Former Shoreline Mafia member Fenix Flexin has just shared his new video for “Risky”. The song is smooth with a West Coast bounce, giving Fenix the perfect opportunity to display his talent. Fenix delivers a quick-paced flow with finesse, weaving through topics like losing friends and the danger that comes with his particular lifestyle, all over melodic keys […]


NEW VIDEO FOR “ROCK THE BOAT” (FEAT. KYLE) – OUT NOW The multi-talented rapper, model, and entrepreneur, Jazz Cartier has just released his new album, The Fleur Print, his first new album since the release of Fluerever in 2018. Jazz, one of the earliest architects of the modern-Toronto sound, has made his thunderous return to the limelight, bringing with him […]