A Musician Without Passion is a Man Without a Soul – Adam Thomas Moryto

Artists have many things in common, and one of them is passion. Adam Thomas Moryto believes that a musician without passion is like a person without a soul. No matter how much an artist might try to conceal a lack of passion, others are going to pick up on it immediately. This is why Adam Thomas Morytostaunchly believes that if […]

Wakko The Kidd Drops Highly Anticipated Single “Crazy Stories” Featuring B.O.B And No Genre

Wakko The Kidd does it once again and surprises us with fascinating music. His work always makes us just reflect back on the other side of life and get back to a time where we can chill out a little, but on his latest titled “Crazy Stories” track featuring B.O.B & No Genre, he kicks […]

Lethal Talks Producing YG’s “Blood Walk” Song Ft. Lil Wayne

Meet Lethal — the Lakewood, California based producer who’s building a fast-growing name for himself. If there is one thing that he is best known for, it is his remarkable ability to produce exceptional songs or some of the biggest names in the music industry, including YG and Lil Wayne’s “Blood Walk” that was released […]

Amer Sal Mohammed on Importance of Collaborations for Artists and Musicians

Pick two of your favorite musicians, and now imagine them both on stage rocking it out together. Sounds exciting, right? Well, that’s what collaborations do to an audience. By sharing the same stage, artists get audiences excited and have them asking for more.  But audiences aren’t the only ones in the mix who benefit from […]

Iman Bashir Dismantles 3 Popular Misconceptions about Making a Career in the Music Industry

Every soul even remotely interested in music has often dreamed of playing to packed auditoriums, having a fan following of millions, and creating a life based on doing well in the niche they love with all their hearts.  Iman Bashir has to her credit the founding of two immensely successful organizations – Craftly.AI and the […]