PuddaH’s drops “Big Bag” featuring xox. heartbreak

PuddaH and Cor Blanco are one of the best artist/producer duos in the scene right now. The two compliment each other perfectly, and remind me of the relationship between Playboi Carti and Pierre Bourne. In 2017, Carti dropped the track Magnolia that made his career take off, along with Pierre’s. I believe that it’s only a matter of time before this happens with PuddaH and Cor.

Big Bag” could very well be the song to make that happen. The song begins with Cor’s trademark sound, where he takes the first beat and repeats it four times, a trick that Pharrell has used on tracks like “Happy” and “Neon Guts.” Cor, however, brilliantly puts his own spin on this technique by starting off with a pitched down first beat, and then increasingly transposes the track until it reaches the proper key on the fifth beat. This is an instant giveaway of a Cor Blanco produced track (instead of a producer tag) as it’s a trick that I’ve never heard another producer use. The track was also engineered by the very talented Nino Andretti, who’s tag you hear in the first few seconds.

PuddaH, known for his catchy flows and ad libs, perfectly executed on “Big Bag.” In a Complex article about Playboi Carti, it was said that his flow was playful, with a spare and repetitive style. Everything that his lyricism lacked was compensated by the atmosphere his energy provided. PuddaH radiates this same energy, and many similarities can be drawn from the two artists. The track also features xox. heartbreak, who lays down an awesome verse. His unique flow with more lyrics in each bar contrasts PuddaH’s short-phrased hook nicely.

Take a listen to “Big Bag” by PuddaH.

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