Shno In Vancouver

Xavier’s Way The thing I love most about writing, is the refreshing feeling I get when finding that new artist. The type of artist that reminds you how it feels to actually appreciate the art of rap. Meet Shno Xavier, an independent artist living in Vancouver, Canada. Shno happens to be one of many artists […]

STUNNV Is a Name Worth Knowing in the Music World!

STUNNV, a well-polished rapper has climbed his way up the steepest of steps in such a short period. The STUNNV rap artist/songwriter, has risen from the ashes and built an audience from the ground up, displaying rare talent and true emotion you may be missing from your daily playlist. Growing up practicing music has given […]

Apollo King 47 is the Artist on the Rise!

Residing from his home town in Tenosique De Pino Suarez, Tabasco Mexico, Apollo King 47 is no stranger to the hip hop scene. Andres Hernandez Munoz, aka Apollo King 47, jumped onto the rap scene, and quickly found a wave of early success. His most recent collabor with “MC Magic” and “Brown Boys” are just […]