Influencer Marketing by Elham Hosseini

Elham Hosseini, the mother of Paniz Esmaili, is always active in the field of modeling, makeup and clothing and is known as a popular blogger and influencer in this field. He said: “Influencer marketing, as its name implies, influencer marketing refers to a set of activities whose purpose is to promote a product by influential people. Influencers usually share their opinions and suggestions about the use of a particular product with their followers on social networks. and advertise for brands in this way.

When it comes to influential people, first of all, their activity on Instagram attracts our attention; A social network in which the young generation is very active and it is possible to advertise many products. Although Instagram is considered a relatively more popular social network, there are also influential people who are active in other important social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc. In addition, the activities of these people are not limited to social networks, and there are bloggers whose activities and the content they publish are far more influential than other bloggers, and they are considered a very good choice for promoting activities related to advertising.

Traditional methods of advertising are over, and pushy marketing techniques no longer work to convince customers to buy. Statistics show that 92% of people trust buying recommendations from others (not brand ads). According to the statistics published by Google in many countries, the click rate on advertising banners is only 0.06% and many people do not even allow them to be displayed by using ad blocking programs.


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