Interview With LA’s Own JuvaBabyy

What are some features you want to get? I would love to work with Nicky jam or J balvin  Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?   Nicky Jam he’s a legend  Are you signed to a label? I’m independent Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or […]

Maaxontrip Is One To Watch In 2022

The new year was just gifted to us and along with the new year new music and trends alike, such as the world-famous app TikTok which has forced its way into our lives creating a platform for artists such as Maaxontrip to showcase his diverse and exciting talent through his creations. Max Demir 18-year-old hailing […]

The Game Teams Up with Jake Strain, Mario Canon, H. Boogz

After The Game having recent mainstream headlines from his recent collaboration with Kanye West on “Eazy”, (the new video that came out with Kanye beating up an animated Pete Davidson). The song has garnered almost 5 million YouTube views in 1 week! Game & his drink champs episode of him saying he would beat Eminem […]

Artist and Producer Itskash Releases “3 AM”

Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, this rising star in the music industry is taking over and making himself known. Never one to back down from a challenge, Itskash is doubling down on his efforts to make it to the top as a musician, using his hard work ethic and magnetic personality to his advantage. Itskash […]

DJ Killa Touch Remains Humble After Decades

Being good at beat matching is not enough to make a great DJ anymore, not with all the cropping up DJs. These personality traits however make the best DJs. A Dj needs to make a connection with the audience, consider their feelings, and the bull-headed DJs would never relate to this, therefore they are not […]