Philadelphia’s Lam Zigbuo Releases New Single & Looks to Change The Landscape of The City’s Scene

When reflecting on 2023 and all the new artists that entered our radar, Lam Zigbuo tops them all. Through two very different singles, May’s “MMO” and July’s “Gohed”, we were introduced to the limitless creativity of the young Philadelphia-based vocalist/songwriter. More recently, Zigbuo released “Walk N Talk”, the moody yet aggressive new single that fully […]

Florida’s That Feel Records Focuses On The Present With The Release of “Spur Of The Moment” LP (Interview)

That Feel Records is a brotherhood before anything else. The artists that comprise the Florida-based label have made it their goal to create what feels right in the moment, nothing else matters. This egoless approach has birthed a certain style of collaboration that can only be credited to the bond shared between these vocalists, producers, […]