That Feel Records Had an All-Star Weekend

That Feel Records is creating a self-thriving ecosystem. They have one of the most consistent release schedules and they’re nearing their 10,000 hours. With every project released, you can hear the members of That Feel Records not only perfecting their own craft individually but also forming genuine chemistry within the label that bleeds over into […]

Illusion Hills Keeps Hot Streak Alive with “chasm” Featuring Aldrch

Everyone’s favorite group of youths is back with another energetic collaboration. Coming off the release of their single “genesis” featuring the multi-faceted Buppy (stylized as Buppy.), Illusion Hills unleashes “chasm” with help from aldrch. This latest single is packed with manifestations and raw excitement. The single boasts glitter-Esque lyrics that contrast the distortion and aggression […]