Philadelphia’s Lam Zigbuo Releases New Single & Looks to Change The Landscape of The City’s Scene

When reflecting on 2023 and all the new artists that entered our radar, Lam Zigbuo tops them all. Through two very different singles, May’s “MMO” and July’s “Gohed”, we were introduced to the limitless creativity of the young Philadelphia-based vocalist/songwriter. More recently, Zigbuo released “Walk N Talk”, the moody yet aggressive new single that fully displays his pure talents. Over a minimal instrumental, the artist’s vocals carry the track as he crafts an unforgettable hook paired with confidently venomous verses. Zigbuo traverses many flows, switching his delivery several times, each delivering fiery bars lined with self-confident gut punches. It is one thing to hear the audio file of “Walk N Talk”, it is a whole different experience seeing it live.

Photo Credit: @pj.agbay

Zigbuo has been dominating the Philadelphia scene as of late, putting on mesmerizing performances around the city and bringing his colorful vocabulary and infectious melodies to life. Just last week (August 22), Zigbuo brought out some incredibly talented friends for his show at Launderette Records in his native Philadelphia for an intimate evening of terrific tunes. This show is the start of something special as Zigbuo and Launderette are teaming up for more shows to come in the future. “I created these shows in a direct response to the terrible showcase mentality that runs rampant in this city which takes advantage of the rising creatives’ hunger to perform”, says Zigbuo on his new residency/partnership with the Philly-based record shop. “I wanted to make something intimate, eclectic, and real both for us artists and the listeners allowing for a unique experience that actually connects with an audience and grows a true core fanbase and honestly, just be a great f*cking time.” 

What Lam Zigbuo is creating is something monumental. The city is a breeding ground for talent and Zigbuo is creating a safe space for this talent to mature and shine. Check out his new single “Walk N Talk” below:


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