Tristan shares engaging new EP ‘Nomad’

Atlanta-born, Los Angeles-based artist Tristan has shared his debut EP Nomad. After engaging singles “She”, “Bring You”, and “The City” previewed this project’s refreshing, genre-bending sound, he has now dropped off a 6-song follow up which contains expansive instrumentation and infectious songwriting throughout. Combining influences from a variety of genres including alt-pop, R&B, hip-hop, and more, the EP finds Tristan delivering memorable melodies across dynamic tracks that immerse the listener in their dense, dream-like atmosphere.

“She” opens the EP with brisk guitar riffs that conjure the feeling of waking up to a fresh, early morning. As crisp percussion and addictive bass meld to create an energizing rhythm beneath, Tristan begins his verses with airy vocals that blend smoothly with the song’s sleek instrumentation. “Bring You”, a personal favorite from the EP follows, dynamically changing the pace and expanding the sound palette with atmospheric synths and warm, surreal guitars. Here, Tristan provides a compelling chorus that lingers in the listener’s head after listening, while also dropping in a pleasantly surprising outro that makes for a powerful culmination.

“The City” expresses feelings of loneliness and longing, with pensive guitars and a pounding, slightly trap-influenced rhythm section that locks in a solid foundation for his smooth vocals. With potent lyrics that convey images of exploring a bigger world beyond what’s known to a person, the track is relatable, while also coating itself in mystique. The final pair of tracks on Nomad take on a different tone, with the droning “Tide” building patiently with celestial instrumentation, before “Tape” provides an immersive, dream-like backdrop for Tristan’s vivid, imagery-rich lyricism. “Tape” makes for a potent, surreal closer, tying together many of the sounds heard earlier in the project neatly.

Nomad is the debut EP from Los Angeles-based Tristan, a 21 year-old Atlanta native who began playing drums at the age of 8, and by the end of high school had already dived head first into producing and recording. After dropping out of college and moving to Los Angeles in August 2021, he has found himself in situations he used to only dream of. He’s currently the tour drummer for BabyJake, actively learning from established producers, and performing his own shows, all the while rapidly carving a space for himself in the industry.

Listen to Nomad here:


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