Mike Wilder and Jake Bass connect with a potent cast of collaborators for D.E.A.P. (Detroit Emcees and Producers)

Detroit artists Mike Wilder and Jake Bass have shared a new compilation album called D.E.A.P., which stands for “Detroit Emcees and Producers”. An infectious, engaging set of songs that infuses a variety of hip-hop sub-genres including boom-bap, trap, lyrical hip-hop and more into a cohesive whole package, D.E.A.P. features Detroit heavyweights like Marvwon, Chavis Chandler, […]

Nkosi Bourne shares vivid single, “Final Form”

Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a new single, titled “Final Form”. Despite its short run time, “Final Form” packs a punch lyrically and sonically and it presents a powerful release from Bourne, with strong messaging atop vivid instrumentation. Raw, warm samples and laid-back grooves create the perfect backdrop for Bourne’s relaxed flows and heartfelt […]