Khadi Lee shines on new visual for “FriendZone”

Cleveland, Ohio R&B artist Khadi Lee has shared a new visual for “FriendZone”. A song off his recent EP, the silky, infectious Sneaky Link, this track showcases his focused songwriting and addictive, warm alternative R&B sound.

“FriendZone” contains buttery, hazy production centred around uplifting synths and ethereal backing vocals drifting atop a rich, crisp rhythm section. Vocally, Lee delivers a compelling performance, with airy vocal runs that linger in the listener’s head, as he cruises through engaging verses before capitalizing on a catchy, stylish chorus. A balmy anthem for the summer, “FriendZone”‘s deep grooves and addictive melodies make for a colorful and vivid listen. With lyrics touching on moving beyond the friendzone, this track is also relatable to many. Lee articulates, “the friendzone topic is so common but rarely talked about. We all experience it but barely admit it? With this single I wanted to change that narrative.” He succeeds in doing so with this bold yet playful release, capturing a feeling familiar to many in a refreshing manner.

The new accompanying visual, shot by Jake Johnston, is vibrant, using warm, rich hues to complement the hazy feel of the track. Equalling the song in entertainment value, it feels lively yet calm, drawing the listener further into “FriendZone”‘s immersive sound. Playful and atmospheric, the visual beckons many re-visits, making for an engaging, fun-loving viewing.

The latest from Cleveland’s Khadi Lee, “FriendZone” also appears on his recent EP Sneaky Link, a vivid, sultry set of R&B tracks that showcase his infectious and smooth sound.

Listen to Sneaky Link here:


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