Psylo Has Finally Arrived With Debut Single “Moonchild”

Psylo is the combination of rapper/songwriter Ziggy Zombie and producer Otto Boas. Their debut single “Moonchild” was released today (June 24) and it is one of the most impressive debuts of the year. Zombie’s diverse approach to delivering his futuristic lyrics fits perfectly over Otto’s haunting instrumental. The drums are larger than life and the duo’s attention to detail is in full effect. 

Ziggy Zombie has been uploading EPs to his Soundcloud since 2013 and with each release, you can hear him fine-tuning his approach to music. His signature voice has always been a focal point of his art but just when you think it’s perfected, he reaches a whole new octave. With five projects under his belt, Ziggy Zombie is set to become one of New Jersey’s greatest assets. 

Otto’s approach to instrumentals is one of a kind. On “Moonchild”, he formulates a collage of pounding drums and spurts of electronic elements. A ripping bass line kicks off the song before the beat becomes a full-fledged light show, shining dark red and purple beams through the speakers.

Together, Psylo forms this unbreakable sonic energy that transcends the listener into a star-filled night sky. “Moonchild” is a beautifully executed introduction to the duo’s chemistry and has everyone excited about what might come next. 

Stream “Moonchild” and Read about Psylo’s creative process and origin story in our exclusive interview below;

How did you two meet?

Through mutual friends in the music scene in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  

When did you start making music?

Psylo started making music as a group in 2015. Individually, Otto started in college and Ziggy made his first song in 2011.

Where did the name Psylo come from?

A combination of “psy” as in psyche and a missile-like silo, meaning the mind is a weapon.

The single is unreal, can you talk about “Moonchild” and how it came about? 

Using the symbolism of outer space travel to illustrate our concept of inner-space travel for introspective self-discovery. 

Can anyone be a Moon Child? Is there more to that phrase than just a song title? 

As a Cancer, Ziggy feels an affinity towards the moon but feels that anyone can be a “moon child” sharing their own personal connection with the moon.

Are either of you perfectionists? How long does it typically take to finish a song between you two? 

Otto is definitely the perfectionist of the group. Part of what makes Psylo’s dynamic so superb is Ziggy is intuitive and powerful inflow of consciousness and feel in the present moment, whereas Otto is heady and methodic while looking at the bigger picture from the outside in, leading with perspective and intention. The perfect yin and yang combination. So you could say it can take some time to finish a song.

Why does now feel like the right time to drop your first single as a duo? 

The message and the concept is what the world needs right now and we feel that Earth is finally ready to receive this download.

What is your collaborative process like? 

Otto comes up with a framework for a beat and then we think of a concept, and from there Ziggy’s words are born. True to perfectionism, the process continues with elements being added to the formula until the song is complete.

The instrumental on Moonchild is otherworldly, where do you start when making your beats Otto? 

It all really starts with digging for samples. Heavily influenced by late 60’s and early 70’s film soundtracks. From there I’ll start chopping stuff up and come up with the framework while always thinking about making a song, not just a beat.

Did you need the beat first before the lyrics came to you Ziggy? 

No, the lyrics to Moonchild are just frequent thoughts I always had.

What is one thing you want the listener to take away from your first single?

Earth is a place where ill minds go to waste. 

What should people expect from PSYLO? 



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