RYN SCOTT delivers on new album, ‘Peaks & Valleys’

Grand Rapids, Michigan artist RYN SCOTT has shared a new album, titled Peaks & Valleys. The 9-track offering finds him delivering sharp, relatable lyrics atop infectious production. With a penchant for heartfelt, candid verses and energizing flows, Scott’s recent output has been consistently focused and engaging. His latest is no different, as he handles a range of beats with ease across the tracklist on Peaks & Valleys.

“Lost” introduces Scott’s commanding flow and inspirational sound, with powerful piano lines and clean percussion creating a solid foundation for his dynamic vocals. “Lose Control” brings in a heavier, adrenaline-fuelled sound with fast-paced production that feels cinematic and epic in scale. “Low” finds him discussing life’s emotional rollercoasters atop grand production, making for an affecting, potent listening experience. “Not Alone” brings in a more ethereal, expansive soundscape underscored by crisp percussion, as Scott locks in a gripping flow and delivers potent, heartfelt lyrics. “Feels Like Home” makes for another album highlight with its uplifting string section and warm, nostalgic keys. Here, Scott comes through with versatile vocals that showcase his ability to craft vividly introspective lyrics.

The latest from Ryn Scott, Peaks & Valleys makes for a poignant, inspiring offering that continues Scott’s streak of strong releases in recent times.

Listen now:

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