Benji Dinero is On The Rise

Benji Dinero the versatile new talent coming out of Long Island NY bringing a new style and energy that is undeniable on each track with catchy lyrics to back it up. Benji found his love for music early on in life, some that inspired benji were A lot of NY artists like jadakiss, fabulous, lloyd banks, of-course biggie, jay z, nas to name a few Benji is very heavily influenced by that raw east coast sound but Benji likes to listen to everything, Benji enjoys the down south sound to the west coast sound I love it all. Music was always an escape for Benji as He never had a good home life moving from place to place being homeless we never had a silver spoon I was always wearing the same clothes at school everyone would always laugh until later years when I started hustling and getting myself nice things but at that time it’s all I had and I was always appreciative of what I had so we always made the best of it.

Music was always an escape and and a way for me to deal with the situations we were going through It wasn’t until later years in high school where benji found his hidden talent, from free-styling at the lunch table always saying slick lines with metaphors benji and his peers quickly realized there was something there. This was around the time Benji created BBM (Big Bag Mafia) mostly everyone in Benji’s circle getting into music. Benji started to hit the studio and work on his craft with team BBM (BigBagMafia) that is the family BBM is us that’s the label we all make music. finally releasing his first single in 2018 titled “Road Runner” benji then followed up with another song that’s more aggressive titled “Houdini” then to a more melodic track titled “what can I say” being versatile is nothing new to Benji but you will always know it’s benji with that distinct voice and style it is his own, but this was the beginning of benji and the improvement from then to now is remarkable from production to delivery and style and overall song structure.

Now doing shows benji was able to get his song played on shade45xm by dj inphamousamadeuz through networking at showcases in NYC. Recently Benji released a music video to his single titled “Friday nights” that you can find on his YouTube channel (Benji Dinero) & on all streaming platforms. The track talks about how lifestyles has changed for Benji and BBM going from doing what we were doing on Friday nights you know hustling doing what we did I don’t got to get into depth of that but now we don’t have to do what we were doing anymore and that’s what the song explains in a sense, how doing something you love and controlling your destiny can take you out of any situation because back then we were doing the wrong things back then Friday nights being broke or any day for that matter will have you ready to do anything for money and that’s the situation we were in.

Now we can do shows get payed, skip state to state network get this money off something we love, go to the studio make songs there’s another way we don’t have to live that old life anymore and that’s what the song “Friday Nights” is about. A lot of new music to come from Benji Dinero including A new single & Music video he just released for his long waited track titled “Hatin shit” produced by “Dj Flippp” and featuring Benjis Artist “Omerta Mullah” the track is available on all streaming platforms and the video is available on YouTube gaining traction. The track is an energy filled song that will definitely have the clubs lit, be sure to keep a look out for “Hatin shit” by Benji Dinero Featuring Omerta Mullah that is one you don’t want to miss.


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