DJ Michael Perrow

“Over Hills” becomes a true transcendental piece from Michael Perrow

Michael Perrow’s music has stunned the music world despite his inexperience as a musician. His latest EP includes the song “Over Hills.” The song’s distinctive sound and approach have garnered a lot of attention. With this single, Michael Perrow has established himself as a rising star in the music industry.

“Over Hills ” is a song that exemplifies how unique Michael Perrow is. He has become a person who prioritizes needs and wants over everything else as a result of his life’s events. Fans adore “Soundwaves” because he is able to convey that via his songs.

Michael Perrow has entrusted Rumor Records with the task of creating his debut EP, which will feature a single and five remixes. The mastering and mixing of this music, which has become a worldwide hit, was exceptional work by Rumor Records. Michael Perrow has to release more music like this in the future; we’re excited.

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Check out his latest song below:


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