10 Questions For 1Takee [Interview]

  1. Who is one artist you love to listen to and why? Durk has always been my favorite artist growing up , he spit that real pain shyt & cuz durk is the Voice & to the youth im the MOTIVATION
  2. 3 things you need in the studio while recording? Weed, water & snaccs
  3. Who is the person you text the most? And what do you all talk about it? If it isn’t my mom then it’s my shorty … We don’t really text we FaceTime
  4. Favorite food to eat and why? My favorite food is my mom’s fried tacos then mfs is a game changer
  5. What is your favorite movie and what’s your favorite cartoon? My favorite movie is Kiccin it Old Skool & My favorite cartoon is Dragon Ball Z
  6. How did you come up with the name 1TAKEE? I was always a fan of Chief Keef growing up & Ballout had this one mixtape called “Mr. 1take” & it instantly I knew that was for me so I threw my own twist on it . 1takee stands for YOU only have 1 life to live so TAKEE advantage of every opportunity
  7. Do you feel it’s important to have management? YES management is important, especially starting off cuz artist already have a handful of responsibilities. But not just any management the RIGHT management is important.
  8. What was you doing during the pandemic? What was I doing during the pandemic? Catching flights to LA every other week shout out to big bro
  9. What grade would your friends give your rapping skills? 10/10 most try again!
  10. Do you feel it’s good to be single if you are  a rapper? YES, because as an artist we have a lot of female attention around us , if you can’t manage/handle both then you might as well put your energy into one !


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