Luminous Ace’s “Nine’n” Hit 1,000,000 Streams!

Luminous Ace’s most famous song, “Nine’n” has officially reached over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. Of course, any artist’s first million is always enormous. This track samples dialogue from the late XXXTENTACION. The beat itself is boom-bap-inspired and familiar to XXXTENTACION: “i spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine.” Luminous Ace brings his heartfelt bars to the table and speaks on how he wants to ease his pain, how his mother had to work day and night shifts to bring in money, and how he can settle with the essential tools to make music. Listen to it below!

His most recent release is “Not Today,” with Lo-Key. Once again, boom-bap-inspired drums and also a lo-fi-hip-hop-Esque loup. Another reoccurrence is heartfelt lyrics. If you can’t tell, Luminous Ace is all about speaking from the heart. Not many artists like to talk about their feelings, but Ace is the opposite. He embraces his emotional transparency in his music so that his listeners can relate and maybe benefit from his words. Listen to it below!


CasinoATX – “The Street Nerd”

For the past 10 months CasinoATX has been building up steam and pressure, traveling across the country rocking crowds and killing stages while on his Partyville campaign trail, building up to the release of his newest solo album “The Street Nerd”. With 15 stellar tracks, Casino brings you into his world, and pulls back the curtain of growing […]