FWZ Returns with New Song and Video “My Departure”

Staten’s Island’s own musical artist FWZ (pronounced fuse) is at it again, as he gears up to release his new single, “My Departure”.  With this track, listeners will be met with a mellow vibe that lends itself to the raw lyrical material describing experiences then transmuted in stories through his music. The concept of “My Departure” is based on the premise that you should never take the good-hearted people in your life for granted, because in the end you’re going to miss them when they’re gone. As you listen to “My Departure” the hope is that the listeners make the connections to their own lives through the many references FWZ makes from his personal experiences. 

“Wrote the book, now I’m the author… best believe you gone feel with my departure. #MyDeparture” – FWZ

Without a doubt FWZ continues to make valuable contributions to the music scene, where he can be seen to continuously personify a genuine musical artist who will always stay true to himself and his fans. 

Be on the lookout for much more music and the latest happenings from FWZ at www.washisname.com!


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