Jakke’s Loveable Love EP

Jakke‘s “How Do You Love” is an EP that’s easy to fall in love with and leave on repeat. Furthermore, Jakke presents his audience with an opportunity for self-growth by asking them a question in the title and pushing them in the right direction with the great music behind it.

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This music has been in the works for the last two to three years and finally releases on August 26th. Jakke guides his audience on a path of inspiration. “How Do You Love” allows listeners to grow as a person in all the aspects of love; being a lover, self-loving, and loving the things around you.

Beneath these love-filled lyrics, an even broader question arises: “Do we, as a society, believe that our love is authentic?” Unfortunately, unconditional love is too common in today’s world, and Jakke pushes listeners to take a step back and reevaluate themselves as lovers. He pleads with his audience to fight against this unhealthy social norm and to grow not only as people but as a society.

Be on the lookout for Jakke’s “How Do You Love” EP on August 26th. In the meantime, check out his music video for “Burn Me Up” below. The music video takes the viewer on a wild ride through the burning passion of love.

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