Jack Rasmussen, a USC student, has been a “Jack of all Trades” while in Los Angeles

Jack Rasmussen, a former USC student, has been a “Jack of all Trades” while he has been in Los Angeles. The model, author, and actor has built a following based on authenticity, likability, and passion for the pursuits he takes in life. Starting school at USC in 2019, Rasmussen instantly became addicted to storytelling and visiting the Cinematic Arts building. Rasmussen, a USC Marshall Business School graduate, also became obsessed with starting his own ventures while influencing people of all generations. He graduated college as a Renaissance Scholar, Discovery Scholar, Warren Bennis Scholar, and Fulbright Scholar. 

It has been rumored that several successful musical artists based in Hollywood are writing songs about him, including Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Jack Harlow, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more. The man is omnipresent and seems to be catching the attention of several people in the industry. 

After releasing his first mobile app called Journal360, Rasmussen started his first non-profit called Good Samaritans of Silicon Valley as a 19-year-old with his friend from home. Featured in the Mercury News, Rasmussen served sandwiches to the unfortunate in his hometown. His passion for food was put to good use by connecting with food banks throughout the bay area and using their leftover food to hand out to those who needed the nutrition most. 

At USC, Rasmussen is a Warren Bennis Scholar, which means he is learning in the Social Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab at USC, a place that was inspired by author Warren Bennis, who created the subject of leadership in academia. Rasmussen has inspired many students at USC by being a Marshall Student Ambassador, the high school teacher of Thinking in 2020, and the president of Moneythink USC. In 2021, Rasmussen was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune where he won the entire show, including the bonus round with the Food & Beverage phrase “Creamy Artichoke Dip.” Now people of Los Angeles and Hollywood recognize him by his bright red mini cooper every time he makes the drive from his home in South Central to Hollywood for his trips to visit his many friends. It is fitting that the phrase was a type of food because Jack has created a food movement in Hollywood and all over the world.

The model wrote his first book Fine Dining: The Secrets Behind the Restaurant Industry in 2021 and released it in May 2022. The foreword is by Tara Elaine Brennan, Michael Mina, Doctor Varun Soni, and David Belasco. The fiction book is 208 pages and featured several interviews Rasmussen conducted. Carla Hall, former model and television personality, gave Rasmussen praise for his book. Additionally, several others also gave the author praise. Rasmussen has loved food his whole life and has grown a deep appreciation for food, especially from some of his favorite LA restaurants such as Bavel, Bestia, Nobu, JOEY DTLA, Imari, Elephante, and Felix Trattoria. Rasmussen interviewed and/or studied numerous impactful chefs in the United States: Dino Tekdemir of Naschmarkt, Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park, Stephen Kalt of Spartina, Philip Camino of Fellow, and so many more. On his recent trip to Las Vegas, Rasmussen visited Hell’s Kitchen, Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Giada’s, Almafi by Bobby Flay, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, and L’Atelier de Joel Rocuchon. When interviewing Giada’s Executive Chef Micheal Gill, Rasmussen better understood the working relationship between him and Giada, who is the only female celebrity chef on the strip. Gill explained that he just recently introduced the spring menu while pitching it to Giada just days before speaking to the author. Rasmussen also spoke to Jackson Morrow of L’Antelier de Joel Robuchon and Executive Chef Anthony Fusco of Almafi, who offered him free food and drinks after a look at his beautiful kitchen. Rasmussen filmed content in Hell’s Kitchen and the lobby of MGM Grand, where the Grammy’s took place that weekend. Rasmussen is filming a documentary with Tara Elaine Brennan, his foreword contributor, that he hopes will be released this summer. 

Rasmussen, who met Rachel Lindsay at Craig’s in Los Angeles, inspired her to release her first book in 2022. Rasmussen’s book announcement also preceded Josh Peck’s first book release in 2022. Rasmussen’s passion for food is starting a huge movement that will turn into a book tour, YouTube page, and podcast this summer with his foreword writers Tara Elaine Brennan and Celebrity Chef Micheal Mina among others.

Rasmussen has been featured on the Chris Voss Show, The Relatable Voice podcast, Conversations with Calvin, Java Delight, and more. Rasmussen’s movement has been reflected in several food movements across Los Angeles. In February 2022, Dua Lipa released a lifestyle newsletter titled Service95 as well as an accompanying podcast called Dua Lipa: At Your Service to showcase interesting food and artistic projects. Rasmussen is very interested in collaborating with Lipa on the podcast and newsletter. The creative, who currently models for UK clothing brand BoohooMAN, is interested in broadcast media and acting and looks forward to collaborating with more podcast initiatives and directors in the future.

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