Cowboykillerr and 5G Team Up on “Purgatory”

Philadelphia has been a breeding ground for underground hip-hop stars over the past couple of years. On Purgatory, two giants from the city, Cowboykillerr & 5G, come together to flex their innovative sound and undeniable chemistry. With 10 tracks, this project is filled with distorted instrumentals and throat-cutting flows.  Cowboykillerr and 5G sound like they’re […]


Before we get into his single “150”, let me tell you about Dave Amigo. Dave Amigo is a young artist and producer from Philadelphia PA. Don’t let his relaxed demeanor fool you, his music bangs. Industry wise, he’s going to be an absolute problem. Musically his voice is so smooth but the energy his tracks […]

The Game Teams Up with Jake Strain, Mario Canon, H. Boogz

After The Game having recent mainstream headlines from his recent collaboration with Kanye West on “Eazy”, (the new video that came out with Kanye beating up an animated Pete Davidson). The song has garnered almost 5 million YouTube views in 1 week! Game & his drink champs episode of him saying he would beat Eminem […]

UFO1k Releases New Song “UNDECIDED”

UFO1k is back with another track titled “UNDECIDED” paired with visuals from ( @labtheory ). The video currently sits at about 40k views, which is pretty good relative to the rest of his catalog. This shows UFO’s growth and gives an idea of the kind of work he could do in the future. For now, […]

Kayebands Shows Off With “Benz Truck” Visual

In his new song “Benz Truck,” Bay Area rapper Kayebands gets fired up. This tune, featuring Avenue Swift, is the perfect kick-off for 2022, inspired by a fast-paced lifestyle and G63s. The idea is brought to life in the accompanying music video, which has mansion vistas, ladies in their arms, and, of course, Mercedes Benz […]

Hefna380 Flows in “Not a Dream”

Bubbling underground rapper Hefna380 is back on our radar once again with his latest single titled “Not a Dream”. Sitting at 100k streams on SoundCloud and 90k on Spotify, the track has already gained a ton of traction. The short two-minute song, produced by Skai, is a light melodic beat which seems to be the […]

Wiardon Drops New Project “OMERTA”

At just age 19, Austin-based artist Wiardon is already building a very impressive catalog. He adds to this catalog with the release of his latest album “OMERTA”. Previous to the release of this album I knew Wiardon had production skills, and this release solidified that opinion. The eight-song LP starts off with my personal favorite […]