Hottest Hits of 2022

While we wrapped up this year’s collection of new releases, we browsed through playlists and selected highlight music that led audiences to the repeat button. From pop to rap and all genres in between, 2022 was a year of evolvement in the music industry, and independent artists were the focus. Featured on Hip Hop Exclusives, […]

Ren – “Hi Ren”

Up until I was 9 years old, I would intermittently hear a voice in my head that was not my own. The voice was distinctly different to mine, and always negative. It would self criticise or urge me to do things I knew to be morally wrong. The most peculiar thing about the voice was […]

DRBRWL delivers engaging new self-titled EP

DRBRWL has released a new self-titled EP, which caught our attention for its idiosyncratic style and emotive sound. He is a new age hip-hop artist born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of Liberian and Ghanaian descent, DRBRWL is currently working as a youth advocate with young people in Minnesota while consistently performing and working on […]