Boyu takes us on a journey into his ‘Flower Garden’ on debut album

St. Louis-born, Los Angeles-based artist Boyu has just dropped off his debut album, titled Flower Garden. A focused, versatile project that draws the listener in to a vibrant world of melodious sonics, Flower Garden takes on a refreshing narrative. Across the LP, each song represents a different type of flower, signalling each track’s character-rich feel that gives them all their own unique flair and identity. Flower Garden makes for a potent, memorable auditory journey, with its intriguing theme and sharply-crafted, detail-rich sound striking an immediate connection and leaving a strong imprint upon the listener.

The album kicks off with one of our personal favorites, “Flower Garden”, an upbeat, potently vibrant cut that flirts with alt-pop, indie, and more. Here, airy, sleek acoustic guitars and warm keys create an infectious melody, as bouncy percussion and addictive bass create a solid foundation for Boyu’s smooth, emotive vocal melodies. “Monterey” makes for a shimmering, upbeat cut that evokes sun-soaked memories, with a fast-paced rhythm section and expansive, heartfelt vocals. “Miata Trip” closes the project in a compelling fashion with its light, warm atmospherics and elegant songwriting from Boyu.

Overall, Flower Garden is a captivating project from Boyu that draws from a versatile set of genres for a release that stimulates with its infectious, refined energy and skillful songwriting.

Listen to Flower Garden now:

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