iSO is the Kookiest of Them All, But in the Best Possible Way

iSO’s love for music can be traced all the way back to the beginning of his childhood. He loved the way music made him feel and how it allowed him to be completely and unapologetically himself, without the worry of how people might judge him. “When I was a kid, I latched onto the energy music gave me and that feeling. I’m driven mostly by my desire to give kids like me that same opportunity” says iSO on the motives for wanting to start a career in music.

Inspired heavily by Young Thug and Lil Uzi, iSO became enamored with their ability to be authentic in not only a music industry, but a world of people who were all trying to be like everybody else. He found strength in their art, their storytelling, who they were as a person, and what they stood for. This led him to set foot on his own musical journey, one that would allow him to speak his mind freely and hopefully inspire the youth to live in their truth and let their voice be heard. 

On a mission to do just that, iSO’s newest 3-song Ep titled ‘WACKO PACK’ exemplifies his “Kookiness” as he’s coined it, to be your full self. On songs like ‘SPiKEMOUTH,’ iSO expresses his vision for wanting money and fame so that he can “double his profits” by maximizing his fame, a mindset that not many independent artists have. ‘HOW TO THUG’ is iSO’s way of exerting his worth in his relationships by saying he’s not street but still knows “how to thug,” alluding to having the confidence with a “fake it till you make it attitude” and knowing exactly how to carry himself in a world that wants to cancel him out. The outro song, ‘MONEY + TRUST,’ has a slower-paced vibe than the previous 2 songs. iSO challenges his musical abilities here by tapping into his melodic side, as his lyrics detail how money ruined his trust either in himself or in the people close to him and how he’ll never switch on the people he loves most in this world. 

On track to release a 3-pack of songs every month leading up to the release of his album, iSO is proving his consistency and ability to drop quality music is like no other indie artist at this stage of their careers. There’s more to come from the “Kooka” rockstar in the weeks to follow. Till then, stream ‘WACKO PACK’ out now as well as the music video for ‘HOW TO THUG.’


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