Mircéa’s Newest Single ‘Your Eyes’ is a Testament to Relationships

Seattle-based artist Mircéa has always had a passion for music but it wasn’t until the age of 16 that it would soon consume his life. After coming across a YouTube video by Stromae of him making a beat to his hit song ‘Alors’ On Danse, Mircéa became fascinated by the process. This inspired him to pick up a mic and begin recording on GarageBand. Realizing the power of collaboration pretty early on in his career, Mircéa began working with many local Seattle artists and producers including Nai Kalbin, Randy, Hark and others. This has helped Mircéa develop his skills even further by exposing him to many different styles of recording/mixing and singing, lessons he’s been able to carry all throughout his music making process. 

Mircéa began releasing music and eventually caught his listener’s attention with his newest released single ‘Your Eyes’ now sitting at 5k+ streams currently. This is a mellow 2 minute and 28 seconds about catching feelings for someone, officially dating and having a long-term relationship with them, and totally and utterly falling in love with them. The relationship then falls slightly toxic, wanting to reconcile with the very person who repeatedly hurt you. It’s a testament to all the mixed emotions felt when we’re in a relationship with someone we deeply care about. This is a song we all can relate to. 

Stream ‘Your Eyes’ out now across all streaming platforms!


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