Scoolascoola: Elevating through Music and Entrepreneurship

Scoolascoola, the co-owner of Branch Off Records and an influential singer-songwriter in the Hip Hop genre, is once again making headlines with his latest single, “I Will Not Lose.” Raised amidst the vibrant community of Cedar Grove, North Carolina, Scoolascoola’s journey ignited at the tender age of 14 with mixtape sessions after grueling football and wrestling practices.

Scoolascoola’s passion for his craft propelled him across state borders, delivering magnetic live performances that resonated with audiences far and wide. In 2019, he made a strategic pivot, leveraging his experience to foster business growth within the music industry, leading to the establishment of Branch Off Records.

“I Will Not Lose,” Scoolascoola’s newest release, is a melodic masterpiece brought to life through collaboration with T-Rell and production by CrittyOnDaTrak. The single embodies Scoolascoola’s artistic evolution and his ability to seamlessly blend music and entrepreneurship.

Scoolascoola’s journey stands as a testament to the potential that lies within artistic expression and strategic vision. As he continues to break barriers, he empowers emerging artists to follow their dreams while navigating the complexities of the industry.


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