The Headband Henny Interview

The internet is flooded worse than my Mom’s basement with talent. Everyday I find a new musical acts to throw into my forever growing playlist of heat. But, some of these artists I come across just blow me away, and truly standout. Today I want to introduce a true standout act, going by the name […]

The Heath240 Interview 

I recently got to chat with the very talented South Florida based artist Heath240. From dropping out of film school, to steadily making a name for himself as an up-coming artist. Heath has that “it” factor to become a star, tap in early and learn more about Mr.240!  DS – Where are you from?  H […]

Who is Cool Boy Bobby, and Why You Should Care?

Hip Hop producer and vegan, Cool Boy Bobby is out making a name for himself as a supporter of veganism. He is currently promoting his Itunes charting song “Bonkers” which reached. Get to know him more by checking out his interview with us. What made you go vegan and what challenges have you encountered? I just wanted […]