Pro Zay & Hobgoblin Usher in The “New Souf”

Texas’ underground hero Pro Zay teams up with Birmingham producer Hobgoblin on their latest offering NEW SOUF. The 11 track album harkens back to the origins of Texas hip-hop and mixes those nuances with the unique chemistry of Zay and Hobgoblin. 

The album welcomes you with “Grippin”, a perfect sample platter for what is to come on the album. Pro Zay’s pure aggression is backed by these larger than life drums, like two giants battling for dominance. While still leading the way for the new south, the duo doesn’t forget the roots of the sound. Right off the bat, Zay’s vocals are chopped and slopped the way DJ Screw intended. 

Pro Zay has always been a monster on any track. On New Souf, Zay sounds like a whole new vocalist. The Texas native is able to find deep and unique pockets within Hobgoblin’s instrumentals that will leave the listener mesmerized. Pro Zay’s voice can cut through any track, Track 6 “Coolant” is the perfect example of this. Hobgoblin creates a funky atmosphere with a smooth bass line that Zay approaches with an aggressive juxtaposition to create a textured song that keeps your head on a swivel. 

Hobgoblin’s beats on New Souf are all over the place in the best way. From jazz infused melodies meeting banging drums to chopped up soul samples that drift through string sections effortlessly, Hobgoblin can reach into any genre and pull out a masterpiece. The fact that the bright, flute-driven “Sidelines” comes after the haunting RXKNephew featuring “Hard Way” is a testament to Hobgoblin’s diversity and raw talent. 

The chemistry between Pro Zay and Hobgoblin on New Souf  is undeniable. The duo brings out new sounds from each other and creates a new era to a state rich in Hip-Hop history. 


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