JusLo Is Back In Action With “No Concern”

Southern Florida rappers have a way of impressing global audiences with their music and vivacious personalities- and JusLo is no exception that rule-of-thumb.

JusLo‘s latest drop is a video for his song, “No Concern,” another testament to the youthful artist’s uncanny ability. I’ve personally been hip to JusLo for a little over a year now, and through this entire time I’ve been keeping up, JusLo‘s managed to maintain relevance and a dedication to his brand that is hard to find nowadays. It’s always a pleasure finding new drops from this particular FL up-and-comer. “No Concern” is another personal favorite from JusLo‘s catalog, and the video direction from Bae Merola made it even more memorable. If you’re a stranger to JusLo, then today’s the perfect day to change that. Take a look at his latest in the link below.

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