Illusion Hills Gets Sentimental on New Single “Bittersweet”

Just in time for your end-of-summer romance, everyone’s favorite boy band Illusion Hills unleashes their latest single “Bittersweet”. The melodic track gets a lift from han.irl and Ryan Hall, two features that take the sinfully sweet single to the next level. Everything about “Bittersweet” is adorable, the pink hue of the cover art fits perfectly with the wavy melody presented on the single. 

There is beauty in the simplicity of “Bittersweet”. Compared to their last single, the electro-punk song “Chasm”, “Bittersweet” is toned down and poetic. Gentle guitar strings welcome you to the track before Illusion Hills’ signature electronic-based production takes over. A soft drum pattern kicks in and you are whisked away to the inner thoughts of the young songwriters, a place filled with lost love and curiosity. 

The songwriting on “Bittersweet” proves that Illusion Hills are maturing as artists, they question toxic relationships and address late-night thoughts on love and ex-partners. The hook brings all the elements of the song together, the harmonies swell into each other over the gliding instrumental. “I just want to know what’s been keeping you for sleeping?” is an innocent gesture but holds a world of possibilities, it is lyrics like this make “Bittersweet” an amazing love song. 

While the group shines, the features help add texture to the track, Han.irl’s falsetto adds a fresh perspective to the song. Her voice collides with the group’s harmonies and closes out the song with the lyrics “I know you’re overwhelmed with life, can’t spend a minute of your time to confess that you’re in love?” The vulnerable outro brings Illusion Hills’ train of thought to a halting stop, wearing their hearts on their sleeves to ask another open-ended question that could lead to a fresh love or a “Bittersweet” end to a crush. 

The single is accompanied by a jovial video. The collage-style video features shots of the group playing on a small trampoline as they croon their latest release. The video shifts between bright colors and VHS-style effects to create a playful vibe. 

Check out “Bittersweet” and its visual below: 

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