Freshly Bottled: Volume 1 

Welcome to Volume 1 of Freshly Bottled, this is going to be a bi-weekly editorial on what I’m currently streaming. These tunes & tracks are my daily drivers, my current go-to’s if you will. I like variety people, so there’s all kinds of flavors on here. Although I’m only going to share a few artists/songs off the playlist in these editorials, the overall playlist is way longer in length. The playlist will be ranging from 20-30 tracks. I’ll link the playlist below for everyone to checkout, also don’t be afraid of following the Freshly Bottled playlist. Till next time, enjoy these bangers lads & ladies. 

First up we have, 

Jay Safari Puppy Love 

I recently sat down to interview Mr.Safari, and learn a little more about him as an artist. This guy is the real deal, a true star in the making. Jay recently dropped his new project titled Bad Decisions. This body of work is 8 cuts in length, featuring 5 new tracks. What I love about Jay, is he’s creating a whole new sound and wave. His music sounds so nostalgic, but so polished and new. My favorite songs off Bad Decisions has to be “Puppy Love”, “Two Time Interlude”, and of course the breakout single off the project “Dance”. This album is in my top 5 for the year, be sure to check it out for yourself. 



Always a man of mystery, and I think we all love it. The king of hyper-pop makes his return with his new single, “bugging!”. Brakence is gearing up to release his project hypochondriac before the end of 2022, and his singles leading up to this album have been absolutely incredible. I can’t even imagine what this upcoming body of work is going to sound like. My hopes/expectations are set high, and Brakence is set on repeat! 


Church-HillSt. George

Church-Hill is back with his new single, “St. George”. This is Church’s first release back since dropping his project Extremely famous and incredibly miserable, back in late July this year. This time around, Church totally made a genre switch on us. Showcasing his versatility and true musical talents, this new single is more pop-punk and upbeat than Church’s EP. Church’s vocals just melt you way every listen. Church-Hill is highly underrated, he can really do any genre of music. I can’t wait for more music from him, definitely check this one out! 


SkyteMakes no sense! 

I recently found Skyte while in the trenches of Spotify’s related tracks radio station. And ever since discovering Skyte, I’ve been running his music up. I really think Skyte is going to be a big name, his sound and style are so infectious. His newest single “Makes no sense!” is a banger, infusing Hyper-Pop elements over a Plug n B style instrumental. The first line of the song instantly pulls me in, “every situation I’m the bad guy”. Skyte is going to be something special, definitely tap in. Other songs I love from his catalog include, “Vacancy!”, “Shot blocked”, and “Infinity shots”. 

Fifth & final, 


“She’s rocking Vetements but shawty’s not a Vet”. This new single “soho” from Joey has me wanting to hit soho. I really don’t know how he does it, but Joey always finds a way to make a hit. This new joint “soho” is a club banger, and I definitely could see it making an insane run on TikTok. Joey’s such a diverse artist he’s dropped all kinds of different styles of music on us this year, but these last few drops…I think Mr. Wolf is really finding his pocket! 

That concludes Freshly Bottled Volume 1, s/o to anyone who’s reading and follows the playlist. I do it for the music lovers, the fellow bloggers & curators, and of course the lazy A&R’s out there. Full playlist will be linked below for your convenience and listening pleasures, enjoy! 


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