Harvey Brittain shares engaging new single “Honest”

Hailing from the UK, rising vocalist Harvey Brittain has been slowly but surely crafting asubstantial following. Splitting his time between Boston and the UK, Harvey has takenadvantage of his large reach by endearing himself in both scenes through utilizing a sense ofempathy with listeners via relatable lyrics. Looking to take his exposure a step further, […]

Otto shine on new EP ‘Still Picture You’

Detroit synth pop band Otto have shared their debut EP ‘Still Picture You’. A sharply-crafted set of 5 songs featuring vibrant instrumentation and relatable, honest lyricism, the EP charmingly channels influences from classic 80’s pop, and adds a modern twist. Opener and lead single “When I Really Saw You” begins the EP with infectious, energizing […]

Hella High With Heath

Mississippi Heat In 1936 famous blues musician, Robert Johnson, marked Mississippi as a staple in music history. Mississippi is said to be the state where Johnson made a deal at the crossroads to become a musician. Shortly after making this deal, Robert Johnson became one of the greatest Blues artist ever to live. The influence […]

Veeta Venom Is On A “Mission” With New Single

Washington, D.C. artist Veeta Venom hits her mark with a offering on her birthday with “Mission” because she is on one to establish herself as a star. Showing hunger and versatility, “Mission” is a solid offering from her deep bag of dope music. To us, this one feels a bit more personal as it’s telling […]

Rylis and Kashaga share addictive new offering, “Cyclone”

Canadian vocalist Rylis and producer Kashaga have shared a new single and video titled “Cyclone”. The pair met in early December of 2021. After having viral success on TikTok, making musical content around the trending, “Timbiebs”, Rylis and Kashaga met up in person and began collaborating their creative minds. Their latest release is “Cyclone”, which […]

Illusion Hills Keeps Hot Streak Alive with “chasm” Featuring Aldrch

Everyone’s favorite group of youths is back with another energetic collaboration. Coming off the release of their single “genesis” featuring the multi-faceted Buppy (stylized as Buppy.), Illusion Hills unleashes “chasm” with help from aldrch. This latest single is packed with manifestations and raw excitement. The single boasts glitter-Esque lyrics that contrast the distortion and aggression […]